Nicholas Interiors & Design: Botanical Wallmurals

The Nicholas Interiors & Design range of botanical wallmurals in Uganda are inspired by the tranquillity, vibrance, and hues found in nature. They are characterised by high contrast, natural settings and relaxing scenery.

Complementary colours and an abundance of energy make these settings ideal for bright, organic interiors. As more research is conducted on the effects of wallmurals on interior inhabitants, we have seen that having a regular connection to nature has a positive influence on the mind and body. Moreover, there is a health benefit in terms of bringing nature into an otherwise urban space.

Wallpapers inspired by nature, such as our botanical range, allow us to provide our clients with a reintroduction to nature through interior wallpaper designs that compliment their interiors beautifully and seamlessly, opening lifeless spaces to new possibilities, themes, and energy.

We have several different decor designs for you to choose from in wallmurals. Your home or office area will have a new and improved look and feel.

Allow the vibrance of nature to take over with an easy to install -and long lasting- wallpaper. Transport yourself into another environment. Our botanical wallmurals in Uganda ensure that you can work and live in your space while feeling like you are closer to nature.


1010. tropical leaves
 1006. nutty
Leaves - Nicholas Interiors & Design
1033. Fortunei
1009.Tropical pink flamingo
Leaves - Nicholas Interiors & Design
1029. Foliage palm leaves
1008. Dark Tropical Leaves
Botanical Wallpaper | Bespoke wallpaper Decor
1035. Jungle jazz

1023. Ash

1036. Jungle fever

1037 .
1013. fern leaves

1015.Palm trees

1016. Tropical citrus

1018. Monstera

1017.Summer jungle

1021. Tropical orchid

1014.Hoopoe exotic jungle

1007.Vintage animals

1019. Black palm tree

1026. Creed 

Botanical Wallpaper Has Health Benefits

There is a decrease in the amount of stress and aggravation when you adopt the botanical wallpaper option. There is a powerful connection between humans and nature, and it is something which does not seem to be fading any time soon.

As such, when you decide to install botanical wallmurals in your space you have chosen to ensure that you have peace of body and mind.

The representation of nature is by no means the real thing. However, individuals seem to have a boost in productivity and overall improvement in attitude when more natural features are present in a specific area.

Our entire collection is easy to install, long lasting and of course affordable. The high-quality options ensure that your space looks and feels amazing all while you have chosen a cost-effective solution.

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